POLITICS | undecided about the EU referendum?

POLITICS | undecided about the EU referendum?

Tomorrow is the EU referendum. Tomorrow, the UK will make the huge, once-in-a-lifetime decision as to whether to stay in the EU or to leave, and so I decided to throw in my two pennies’ worth. I am sure I am not alone in saying that the unknown outcome is a big source of uncertainty and worry. Too many lies and myths have been thrown around until the whole thing has become somewhat toxic for many people, and perhaps you’re sick of people telling you what to vote for. However, if you’re undecided (or even if you think you already know what you want to vote) please do take the time to read around the topic, preferably from unbiased sources if you can. Here are a few reading ideas:

A really easy to use, interactive ‘chat bot’ to help make sense of the key issues and find out what each side argues: http://wtfisbrexit.com/

Is the EU undemocratic? https://www.theguardian.com/…/is-the-eu-undemocratic-refere…

What did the EU ever do for us? (Guide for anyone who doesn’t want to read a long article full of statistics).

Why should we be in the EU? Jo Cox’s wonderfully written speech.

Does EU immigration put pressure on the NHS?

The above website (fullfact.org) is a completely independent, unbiased website which is great for checking the validity of all those figures you’ve heard being thrown around. I would definitely recommend having a look and seeing whether what you believe is actually supported by evidence.

Finally, one of the big factors in the result is the turn out; if people are too complacent, or too apathetic, and therefore don’t vote, then Remain doesn’t really stand a chance and we will end up leaving due to misinformation and divisive tactics. Please, if you haven’t decided, read up around the subject and then turn up to vote. This isn’t something we can take back if it all goes wrong – and besides, you can’t have a say in something unless you’re in it to start with. The outcome will affect all of us – especially the younger generation – and all of need to have our say. Finally, think about what kind of an image you want the UK to give to the rest of the world – will a post-Brexit UK with an economy in recession and a reputation for xenophobia really be ‘great again’? Or do we want to show the world we opted for unity, cooperation and a better Europe?

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