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AU PAIR DIARIES | day two: visiting all of Spain in one day?

If someone had told me I could see all of Spain in one day, I’d have said they were crazy.

Turns out I’d only be partially right.

Tucked away in one part of the city is El Pueblo Español (the Spanish Two) which is a tourist attraction in which there are replicas of different buildings from all over Spain.

From gorgeous winding streets from northern Aragón…
…to the traditional white walls of southern Andalucía…
…to the famous Iglesia de las Carmelitas (Aragón)…
…to this lovely Galician arch 🙂

As you can see from the photos, the village is peaceful and not too crowded (though we did see a noisy group of Spanish schoolkids, who merrily squirted my friend and I with a water pistol as they ran past…) and we spent a good couple of hours exploring the streets and visiting the other attractions which are part of the town – the Fran Daurel Museum, which houses over 300 pieces of contemporary Spanish art by the likes of Picasso and Dalí, and the sculpture park, which provided a very pleasant walk in the sunshine.

In addition to seeing the architecture of the buildings, dotted around the town are various information boards about the food, culture and history of each region of Spain, which was really interesting, too!

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