• A photo taken through an airplane window on the way to start a year abroad, looking out over the plane wing. The inside of the plane is dark while the outside sky is bright blue.
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    TRAVEL | The Year Abroad: 30 years ago, and now

    I am now in my second year of studying French and Spanish, and this means many new things: my reading list has practically tripled, I’ve learnt a few lessons about leaving supervision essays until the night before, and I still feel like I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time. It also means I’ve started the mammoth task of planning my Year Abroad: a terrifying yet exhilarating prospect which involves translating my CV into other languages, hunting down and applying to approximately a million jobs, and being on a constant rollercoaster of excitement and dread. All my efforts so far have required the internet in some…

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    STUDYING | Tomorrow: the deadly siren song of procrastination

    I have had my fair share of run-ins with that illusionary siren we call ‘tomorrow’. They are a somewhat fishy character, very good at shape-shifting (eight hours passing in the blink of an eye, anyone?), and very rarely a keeper of their promises. Usually composed of Tall Tails, they can be found sitting on Procrastination Rock singing Netflix series theme tunes or brandishing social media logos. Symptoms of encountering a ‘tomorrow siren’ include last minute panic, long library all-nighters and pleading, apologetic emails to supervisors for an extended deadline. A sufferer usually follows this episode by proclaiming ‘never again’ and vowing to tie themselves to the mast of the HMS…