20 best things to see, do, eat and drink in Paris

Wondering what to do in Paris? I’ve got you covered! Having just spent six months in this magically busy and diverse city, I’ve tested out all the major sights and…

How to stay social and stay at home

In the midst of the 2020 lockdown, I explore a few fun and easy ways to socialise with friends and family at home, online and offline, long-distance or not. From…

It’s time to take our online allyship into the offline world

In the wake of a short-lived online surge in support for the Black Lives Matter movement, I explore how allies for any social justice movement with the privilege of being able to repost a few pictures then switch off from the news need to take our online activism into the offline world.

Why fake news isn’t going anywhere soon
Current Affairs

Why fake news isn’t going anywhere soon

'Fake news’ can often be a lot trickier to spot than we’d like to think, because sometimes it isn’t an outright lie... July's guest blog for Unidays.

Jailbreak | Travel stories | URUGUAY

This is a story about a jailbreak which meant more than just a jailbreak to the people who were accidentally involved. This is a story about memory, moral debt, and…

The stolen moai | Travel stories | Rapa Nui

Hoa Hakanananai'a is the "lost moai" of Easter Island. Currently residing in the British Museum, the inhabitants of Rapa Nui desperately await his return.

How (not) to intern in Paris

A reflection on the highs and lows of six months interning in the city of lights. The first day of my internship in Paris set the tone for everything I…