Emma stands facing away from the camera looking out over a long lake.

About the author

Emma is a recent languages graduate, but she has been a word lover all her life.

As a toddler living in Germany, she overheard a classmate speaking in German in the sandpit and turned to her mother, proclaiming “I can speak German too, look!” What followed was a series of nonsense words.

She has come a long way since then, studying French, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan at university. Her love of people and places have taken her across the globe, and her love of words – or perhaps just talking – have led to her ramble on about a lot of those places in this little corner of the internet she calls her own.

Unfortunately, she still can’t speak more than a couple of sentences in German – but watch this space!

While her international travel days may have come to a temporary halt, everything can be an adventure if you want it to be.

Travelsinateacup is a testimony to just that: everyday adventures through university and adulthood, food and leisure, mental health and politics, and everything in between.